Creating a Culture for Change

Target Audience:



Major changes of any kind are difficult to make in social institutions such as schools.  This offering provides a way to clarify the reasons for change, create clear goals and smooth the transition and lower the pain and cost of change.  

A team of Collaborators will work with the school or district to identify the motivations for the desired change and gain an understanding of the obstacles.  One or more Collaborators will then conduct focus groups to further research attitudes and observable behaviors regarding the change and seek to create and understand a wider perspective of the desired goal within the context of the motivations of the goal.

The team will then work with the client school or district to create clarified goals and criteria for success.  Criteria can consist of objective data, attitude assessments and behavioral observations.  These criteria will be used to create an on-line assessment to be administered to a broader base of the constituents of the school or district.

The team will then provide a report indicating baseline data with regard to the goals of the program as well as specific recommendations for next steps, taking into account the data driven understanding of the school's culture and values.